Q: What is Azokle?

A: Azokle is a private search engine and a suite of internet products offered by Azokle Private Limited, an Indian internet company registered under the Companies Act 2013.

Q: Do I need to create an account to use Azokle Search?

A: No, you do not need to create an account or login to use Azokle Search. It is a private search engine that does not collect your search history.

Q: Can I use other Azokle products without creating an accounts.

A: No, to use other Azokle products such as Azokle Maps, Azokle Analytics, and Azokle Ads, you will need to sign up for an account at accounts.azokle.com. Once you sign up, you can use all Azokle products through Single Sign-On (SSO) technology.

Q: Does Azokle show personalized ads?

A: No, Azokle does not show personalized ads based on your personal information. Instead, ads are shown based on keywords on the platform.

Q: Does Azokle Maps track my location?

A: Azokle Maps may access your live location for providing location-based services. However, Azokle does not track your location; only you can track your live location.

Q: What information does Azokle collect when I use its services?

A: Azokle may collect your IP address, operating system information, and display size for a better user experience. However, it does not collect your search history or show you personal ads.

Q: How does Azokle track its traffic?

A: Azokle tracks its traffic through Azokle Analytics, a tool that provides insights and data about website visitors and usage patterns.

Q: Who uses Azokle services?

A: Azokle services are used by various organizations, including schools, NGOs, and businesses, to enhance their internet search, mapping, translation, analytics, and advertising capabilities.

Q: How can I contact Azokle for further assistance or support?

A: For any further assistance or support, you can reach out to Azokle through their official website or contact their customer support team. Contact details should be available on their website or through the Azokle account portal.